Simplify login to your sponsor systems for

any study

Veeva Study Portal provides secure access to the many systems used in clinical research.

There is a better way

Ditch the spreadsheets! Stop storing your sponsor systems, contacts, usernames and passwords in never-ending spreadsheets. Study Portal is a better way to securely store, organize, and access your sponsor technology.

Manage passwords

With a built in password manager, securely store and access usernames, passwords, and helpdesk contacts for your studies.

Share study profiles

Share Study Profiles with your colleagues using a single link. A Study Profile contains the system information and helpdesk contacts for each study.

Quick entry with VeevaID

Single click entry into technology that uses VeevaID. It's like SSO.

It's free from Veeva

Study Portal is completely free. Really. There is no premium service or upsell. Your data is not sold. There are no advertisers. It is 100% free. Study Portal is part of our public benefit objective to improve the clinical trial process.

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